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Visa Application


Study permit

1. 学習可能期間は最大2年間です。
2. アルバイトをすることが許されています。(1週間28時間以内)
3. 日本語学習が目的のビザなので、出席率が80%を下回ってはいけません。
​4. 1年以上学習を希望する場合、国民健康保険の適用対象者となります。

1. The maximum allowable learning period is two years.

2. Part-time work is allowed (up to 28 hours per week).

3. Since the purpose of the visa is Japanese language learning, attendance must not fall below 80%.

4. If you wish to study for more than one year, you will be eligible for national health insurance. Upon enrollment, you can receive medical treatment with a 30% co-payment for incurred medical expenses.


Procedure flow


※Please note that specific times and deadlines may vary depending on recruitment status and nationality. For details, please inquire directly.


※The course for January students in 2024 has not yet been determined.

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